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Get Rid of Negative Energy in 3 Easy Steps

“Removing negativity from your life leaves more room for positivity to grow.”  Anonymous

Does your life feel harder than it should?  Maybe you feel grumpy, overly sensitive, or pessimistic.  Perhaps the relationships in your home seem combative for no good reason.  Or maybe negativity from others sticks to you like a magnet and drains your energy.  No matter the reason, if your environment feels heavy, tense, or overrun by “bad juju”, then it’s time for an overhaul.

Make Room for Positivity

Imagine a garden filled completely with weeds.  If you wanted to reclaim the space with beautiful flowers, you would first need to clear all the weeds.  Otherwise, there would be no place for your flowers to take root.  It is the same way with energy.  You must first remove the negativity to make room for positivity.  Here are the 3 steps to eliminate negativity from your home.

Step 1: Prepare Your Environment

Indeed, chaos and disorganization are a breeding ground for negativity.  Thus, clean up as much clutter as you can.  Similarly, remove or fix anything that is broken.  And by all means, donate or place in storage any household item that makes you feel sad, guilty, or angry.  Do not hang on to things from the past that have bad memories or make you feel bad.

For example, let’s say that long-gone Great Aunt Mary gave you a hideous vase many years ago.  And when you look at this vase, not only do you dis-like it, but it also makes you feel incredibly sad that Aunt Mary is deceased.  It is okay to put the vase away.  You are not going to hurt Aunt Mary’s feelings by disliking her vase (she knows it’s ugly now anyway).  And you are not disrespecting her memory either.  Aunt Mary and everyone else on the other side, just want you to be happy.

Step 2: Cleanse with One (or More) of the 5 S’s

1. Smoke Cleansing

If you haven’t used sage to smoke cleanse your house before, you definitely need to try it.  For more information, check out this great youtube video by AuraShift.

2. Salt

Salt has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies and purification rituals.  Similarly, you can use salt to cleanse yourself and your home.  Salt lamps or small bowls of salt placed in a room will absorb negative energy.  Alternatively, you can sprinkle salt on your carpets or furniture.  Allow the salt to absorb the energies of the room for 3 hours and then vacuum up.  Finally, salt can be used to cleanse yourself in a warm salt-water bath.  For a real treat, try Kristen Butler’s “Bliss Bath”.

3. Sound

Break up negative energy with sound.  Rhonda Hoskins recommends ringing “a bell 3 times in each corner of the room to break up any stagnant energy.”  By the same token, ringing a chime 3 times in each corner of the room or playing a singing bowl will clear the room of negative energy.  Another great way to incorporate sound healing without the need for special equipment is to clap.  According to, “Loud, purposeful clapping can disperse negative energy. Clapping about 10 to 30 times while you go around the house can break the stagnant negative energy.”

4. Sunshine and Fresh Air

Open up the curtains and let the sunshine in.  For extra energy flow, open windows and doors to allow the fresh breeze to clear your home.  Be sure to give your pillows, furniture cushions, and bedding a good shake to get energy moving.

5. Sacred Water

Cleanse just about anything in your home with sacred water.  To make sacred water, pour 16 ounces of water into a glass jar.  Spring water is best, but any water will do.  In fact, don’t get fussed up about the type of water; intent is what matters.  Next, add a pinch of salt to the jar and say a blessing out loud.  This can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.  Here is the blessing I use: “I bless this water and make it sacred.  Only positive energy may remain.  Amen.”

After you say the blessing, use your finger to draw a scared symbol of your choice over the jar.  For example, you might choose to use a cross, an ahnk, or the om symbol.  If you are a reiki master, you might choose to use the dai ko myo symbol.  Anything that is sacred to you will work.  Finally, leave your sacred water to sit in the sun for several hours.  Once done, your sacred water can be transferred to a spray bottle to lightly mist on furniture, window seals, doorways, linens and nearly anything else in your home.

Step 3: Avoid Introducing New Negative Energy

Watch Your Thoughts

Be kind to yourself and eliminate negative self-talk from your life. This one may take some practice, but you are worth the effort.  Whenever you catch yourself engaging in negative self-talk, stop yourself by saying “stop” or “cancel” (either mentally or out loud).  Then change the thought to something positive.

Watch Your Spoken Words

Eliminate as many negatives from your spoken language as possible.  In his book, “How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have”, John Gray describes a positive language game he played with his family.  To play this game, pay attention to how you phrase sentences throughout the day.  Notice any negative phrasing and then re-state the sentence using positive language.  For example, instead of saying “we don’t want to be late”, you would say “we want to be on time”.  Or instead of saying “don’t forget your jacket”, you would say “remember you jacket”.  It’s a minor change with a huge impact.

Minimize Media that Brings You Down

Research shows that watching as little as 14 minutes of negative news can increase negativity.  And given the negativity bias in media, be very careful about how much time you spend watching the news.  You don’t need that extra destructive energy vibrating through your house.  The same goes for written news as well.  Be meticulous about the kind of energy you bring into your environment.

Anchor Negativity Before Coming Home

Avoid bringing destructive energy home with you.  With this intention, try anchoring any negativity before you walk through the door.  First, choose an object you see every time before entering your home.  For example, you might choose a decorative rock, a tree, or a wind chime.  This is now your energy anchor.  From now on, touch your anchor before walking into your house.  You can either touch it physically or in your mind’s eye.  Either one is fine because intention is what matters.  Next, when you touch your anchor, imagine leaving all your negative thoughts and energy with the object.  Finally, say thank you (mentally or out loud) as you imagine the anchor carrying your negativity to Gaia, where the energy can be safely dissolved.


In conclusion, you can free yourself from destructive energy by de-cluttering, cleansing, and avoiding re-infestation.  Now that you’ve cleared your home of negativity, you are ready to introduce positive energy.  Want to learn how?  Find the best way to add positivity with our article Top 10 Ways to Increase Positive Energy in Your Home.

Affirmation: I am free from negativity.


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