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She Took A Crystal Ball Class – What Did She See?

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” Pablo Picasso

Like everything else in life, metaphysics takes practice.  It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to read tarot cards or gaze into a crystal ball, it is a skill you work at just as you would a sport or musical instrument.

Within the esoteric world, there are so many different areas of study, things like shamanisim, numerology, palmistry, reiki, and crystals to name a few.  If you are just dipping your toes in the metaphysical water, all these subjects can seem intimidating and unfamiliar.  So, what is a person to do?  How do you find your gifts and passions?

You dive in – head first.  Try taking a beginner’s class or reading a book on anything that interests you.  It is in this spirit that I found myself in a Crystal Ball Gazing class.

Class Introduction

The class began with a brief history of crystal ball gazing also called scrying for those of us in “the know” (which now includes you – so rock on with your enlightened self).  The teacher explained that you do not need to invest in an expensive crystal ball or turban to practice this skill.  You can use anything reflective, like a small mirror, which is what we used in class.

Crystal Ball Gazing – Round One

The lesson began with a prayer circle then moved into a breathing exercise to help us focus our scrying energy.  Being brand new to this ancient form of seeing, I was more than a little disappointed when a colorful theater mask did not appear to tell me that I was the fairest of them all.  Okay, fine.  I reminded myself that this takes patience and practice.

I continued focusing on my mirror hoping for something truly spectacular but all I saw was the reflection of the ceiling.  Then, suddenly I saw something.  My heart beat raced in excitement.  I looked closer.  What was flittering around?  Was something or someone trying to appear before my eyes?  Oh,…no…nevermind.  It was a fly stuck in the light fixture.  <sigh>

We ended the first round of scrying with everyone going around the circle explaining what they saw.  Some saw deceased loved ones, some saw fantastical scenes while others saw the future.  No one was overly impressed by the fly I saw, but we pressed on to the next round, none the less.

Crystal Ball Gazing – Round Two

During the second lesson we were encouraged to listen for a message as we gazed into the mirror.  This proceeded about as well as the first lesson.  Except I was now trying to determine if there was a message from the Universe encoded into the ticking of the nearby clock.  There was not.

After the second round, many of the students said that they were able to receive some kind of message.  Things like “there is more good in the world than you know” or “the world is your oyster” were common.  Apparently, I was the only one given Hickory Dickory Dock as a message.  No matter.

Crystal Ball Gazing – Round Three

Undeterred, I forged into the third and final phase of the crystal ball gazing class.  As before, nothing happened at first, but after about 10 minutes I started to see a small purple glow.  Having learned my lesson with the fly, I looked closer.  I check around the room for any possible source, but I could not find one.  So, I went back to gazing.  Just before the time was up, I began to see that faint little purple light again.  It wasn’t an apocalyptic vision or life changing message, but it was enough to give me hope for more in the future.

Class Wrap-Up

The class ended with the other students sharing their experiences and everyone encouraging me to continue working on my skill.  I thought it was down-right charitable of them to call my observation of a fly a “skill”, but I felt encouraged all the same.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and plan to add scrying to my list of esoteric interests.  If crystal ball gazing is something that interests you, I highly recommend trying it.  Worst case scenario, you have some fun and then move on to the next thing that catches your eye.  Best case scenario, it turns out to be one of your gifts.  Either way, you tried something new and that is powerful.

Affirmation: It is safe and enjoyable for me to try new things.


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