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Your House Number Could Be Ruining Your Life and You Don’t Even Know It

Move In Day

Me:  Now that I’ve moved into my new house, my life is finally perfect!
Also Me:  Well that was a nice 5 minutes.

When I moved into my new house several years ago, I was so relieved.  Life was on track.  I was newly married with a great job, great friends, and a seemingly steady life ahead.

I could not have been more wrong.

Everything Changed

Within months, everything started to change.  My job underwent three organizational changes.  My car bit the dust and had to be replaced.  Old friends began to drift away, while new friends came into my life.  And my husband moved in with a cocktail waitress.

It wasn’t just big changes either; it was small things too.  I changed my hair cut, eating habits, furniture, hobbies, and taste in music.  My friends began calling me the Queen of Change.

Although I did my best to go with the flow, all that change was exhausting and stressful.  It was confusing as well.  I wasn’t actively seeking change and that much flux was way out of character for me.

One day, when I was confiding in one of my new friends, she stopped the conversation and asked for my house number.  I told her my house number was 6305.  She did a quick calculation in her head and said, “Your house is a number 5, no wonder you have so much change in your life.”

What on earth was this woman talking about?!

The Shocking Truth About My New House

Surprisingly, my friend was talking about numerology and the vibration of numbers.  Turns out that my new house was a number 5, which is the vibration of change.  Thus, I was attracting change and didn’t even know it.

Keep reading to learn how to determine your house number and what you can do about it.

At first, I felt doomed.  I thought my choices were either to move or live in constant change.  Neither one of those options was appealing.

Moreover, I knew there was no way the post office would agree to change my physical address.  I’m sure there is an address change form, but I doubt “bad juju” is considered a valid reason.  Therefore, I resigned myself to an ever-changing fate.

Weird But Effective House Number Fix

Months later, I was talking with my metaphysics teacher and mentioned my unfortunate house number.  She gave a nonchalant shrug and told me to just change my house number.  I immediately pictured a long line of angry people behind me at the post office while I tried to explain the reason for an address change, complete with a song and dance (and tarot card reading for effect).

But in fact, the solution didn’t involve any paperwork at all.

In my case, the only thing I needed to do was add the letter “A” to my address.  I did this by placing a vinyl letter sticker (like you see on mailboxes) on the inside of my front door.  This changed my address from a 5 to a 6, which is the number for peace and harmony.

It took a little time for the vibration to shift, but life has since settled into a beautiful and harmonious pattern.  Change is minimal now and I am no longer called the Queen of Change.

I would have never thought something so simple would make such a big difference, but it did.

Step-by-Step Guide to Determining and Fixing Your House Number

Step 1: Reduce your house number to a single number using the traditional numerology methods.

If you don’t know how to do this, check out our Numerology Essentials post for detailed information.

Step 2: Determine the vibration of your house based on the number:

  • 1 – New Beginnings
  • 2 – Partnerships and Choices
  • 3 – Growth and Achievement
  • 4 – Building and Maintenance
  • 5 – Change
  • 6 – Peace and Harmony
  • 7 – Reflection and Assessment
  • 8 – Power and Prosperity
  • 9 – Completion
  • 11 – Intuition and Sensitivity
  • 22 – Ambition and Success

Step 3: Decide what vibration you want for your home.

The number most recommended for a home is 6 because it promotes peace and harmony with virtually zero negative side-effects.

Many people will choose 8 for obvious reason; however, this can create a power struggle in your home.  Thus, be very mindful of the relationships in an 8 home and change the number if need be.

Step 4: Calculate the number/letter to add to your address to achieve the desired number.

For example, if your home is a 1 and you want it to be a 6, then you would want to add the number 5.

As another option, you could add the letter E to your address because E is equal to 5.  To further explain, numerologists assign numbers to the letters of the alphabet in chronological order.  For example, A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.

Step 5: Place your chosen letter/number on the inside of your front door.

This will change the vibration of your home without confusing the mail person!  If you have a back door where your house number is also displayed, then affix the needed number/letter to the inside of your back door as well.

Need stickers?  Try these removable stickers available on Amazon.  I get a small commission if you buy from this link.

Step 6: Let the good vibes soak in!

It might take a little time for the universe to get the message, but you have placed your order and stated your intentions.  Be patient because good things are on the way!

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