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An Esoteric History of Earth

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.” David McCullough


So, who are we?  And why are we the way we are?  The answer is both simple and complex.  Humans are here by divine and intelligent design.  Let’s take a look at how science and spirituality fit together in the Esoteric History of Planet Earth.

The Evolution of Life

In his article, Timeline: The Evolution of Life, Michael Marshall gives us the following history of life on Earth:

  • 3.8 billion years ago – life on Earth began
  • 465 million years ago – plants evolved
  • 200 million years ago – mammals evolved
  • 75 million years ago – primates evolved
  •  6 million years ago – hominins evolved

The Hominin War

After hominins first evolved about 6 million years ago, multiple species began to emerge.   According to the Smithsonian, there were at least 7 species in the genus homo and many other humanoids, all struggling for survival.  Thus began the Hominin War.  This is not a war in the traditional sense of battling armies.  But rather a war against nature, evolution and extinction.

Homo Sapiens and The Pleiadians

About 300,00 years ago homo sapiens evolved.  “For the first 100,000 years of our existence, modern humans behaved much like Neanderthals.  Then something changed,” says Melissa Hogenboom.  Based on this timeline, the noted change happened about 200,00 years ago.  That’s precisely when Kryon says the Pleiadians seeded the new human (Kryon via Monika Muranyi, The Gai Effect).

That is to say, about 200,000 years ago, the Pleiadians first arrived on Earth.  They were a multi-dimensional human-like race who altered the DNA of homo sapiens.  In fact, modern science seems to confirm there was indeed a change in human genetics.  “We now have genetic evidence to suggest that our DNA changed at some point after we split from the common ancestor we shared with Neanderthals,” says Melissa Hogenboom.

 The Lemurians

After our DNA began to change, it took thousands of years for humans to develop the intelligence and consciousness needed to form a society.  But by 33,000 BC, humans were fully evolved and thriving in the world’s first civilization called Lemuria.  This civilization was located in modern day Hawaii, when the land mass was much larger.

In 13,000 BC, about 20,000 years after the city was formed, Lemuria began to sink into the ocean (Nuno).  This was due to melting polar ice caps and shifts in plate tectonics.  And so, during the 5,000 years it took for Lemuria to completely disappear, the Lemurians fled to other continents and established other civilizations.

The Dark Ages

For roughly the next 15,000 years, planet Earth revolved in an old and barbaric energy.  This was the dark age of our planet.  During these years, there was much war, violence, unrest, and discord.  According to prophecy at this time, humans were destined to destroy themselves by the end of 2012.

The Great Shift

About 50 years ago, the vibrations of planet Earth began to change.  Due to this change, the old prophecy of self-destruction was void.  The new and more likely potential was that Earth would become an ascended planet.

Then, on August 16-17, 1987 a remarkable event called The Harmonic Convergence occurred.  This was a global prayer and meditation event created by Dr. Jose Arguellas.  The Harmonic Convergence sent a Universal message to increase vibration and raise human consciousness.  This great event was all in preparation for the 2012 marker.

The 2012 Marker, also known as “The Shift”, was an energetic change that aligned with the end of the Mayan long count calendar.  This shift marked the end of the old, dark Earth energy and began the re-calibration of our new planet.  The re-calibration will raise the vibration of humanity and increase consciousness.

The New Earth

The year 2013 was the first year of the new planet.  Since the energy of Earth was ready for new beginnings, there were many changes in 2013.  We continue to see changes as the new earth emerges and matures.

We are living in an exciting time filled with hope, change, and increasing consciousness.  Sure, there are some growing pains, but the good news is that our planet is growing.  Can you feel it?  Humanity is growing and we are just getting started.  So hang in there, the best is yet to come.

Affirmation: I am created divinely and with purpose.

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